(...) “Different words make us equal, cause everything can be expressed in our own language if we are up to it” (...)

Alex Grijelmo (Bs. As. Agosto 2006)

Throughout the years, translators have faced the difficult task of creating the unity of the most varied peoples and cultures, which were scattered around the world since the beginnings of humanity. Today we live in an interconnected and globalized world, in which it is essential that people from different nations and cultures, who speak totally different languages, communicate fluently, both in the personal and the professional scopes. It is in today’s world that the role of the translator and the interpreter occupies a vital place.


In Open Channel we aim at satisfying all your communication needs, both in English and Spanish. We work with the best translators and revisers of technical, scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, legal, financial, under oath (public) and literary texts, and with professionals who specialize in web page and web site translations. We also work with highly qualified interpreters who specialize in consecutive and simultaneous translations, and have a wide experience in the area.

All professionals are selected according to the required speciality and their own personal motivations. This allows the company to lend a dynamic service adapted to the clients’ needs.


Ask for a quote without compromise, sending a copy of the text to be translated, or the quantity of words or pages of the document. We will send you a FREE quote shortly. Contact us.


Dr. Juan B. Justo
(Fiscal Adjunto de la Provincia de Río Negro)

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